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Do I Need a Vitamin D Supplement?
Do I Need a Vitamin D Supplement?

Our immune systems play a pivotal role in protecting our bodies from unwanted pathogens and in-turn, keeping us well. The older we get, the weaker our immune systems become, and a variety of other factors in our lives affect how well we can fight unwanted infections.

The primary way to boost our immune responses, is by ensuring we eat a varied and balanced diet- one rich in green, leafy vegetables is always a good start. Once you begin working on this, we can shift our attention to other ways to improve our immune responses- like supplements.

Why Vitamin D?

There is an ever-growing amount of research into how Vitamin D helps us, particularly with the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we cannot say Vitamin D decreases our chances of acquiring the coronavirus, a recent article released in the Irish Medical Journal  showed that people with low Vitamin D levels have a higher risk of acute respiratory tract infection. This potentially suggest that good levels of Vitamin D in our bodies, help to resists COVID-19 or limit its damage.

Should You Take Vitamin D Supplements?

Vitamin D supplements come in two main types- Vitamin D2, ergocalciferol and D3, cholecalciferol. Vitamin D3 is the one that is usually used as a dietary supplement. The NHS website says:

"Everyone (including pregnant and breastfeeding women) should consider taking a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D during the autumn and winter."

Anything else I should know?

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 work as a team. One of the roles of Vitamin D, is to ensure healthy levels of calcium in our blood. However, Vitamin D does not fully control where this calcium ends up. This is where Vitamin K steps in. Vitamin K promotes healthy levels of accumulation in your bones, whilst reduced its build up in soft tissues, such as blood vessels, which can lead to chronic diseases. There are few human studies that have investigated this, but more studies are under way. Both Vitamin D and K are available as supplements, and there are some which have them combined in one tablet.

Where can I get these from?

Right here! We sell a variety of Vitamin D supplements, from many different manufacturers, all designed for your use. On this page you can find products for adults and infants alike, all with varying strengths. This supplement contains both Vitamin K and D3.


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